Rates Revaluation 2017

Notice of Indicative ARV for calculation of 2018 Commercial Rates

Indicative ARV for County Kilkenny for 2018 is 0.21

The Valuation Office is conducting a revaluation of all commercial properties throughout County Kilkenny to come into effect for the year 2018 as part of its ongoing programme to revalue all such properties within the State. The revaluation of all commercial and industrial properties in the Kilkenny County Council rating authority area has now reached the Proposed Valuation Certificate issue stage.

On 11th May 2017 Proposed Valuation Certificates were issued to most ratepayers in Kilkenny. The balance is scheduled to issue on 25 th May. This Certificate states the "Proposed Valuation" (Net Annual Value) for each property.

The Proposed Valuation (Net Annual Value) of the property is multiplied by the “Annual Rate on Valuation” (ARV) to calculate the indicative amount of commercial rates payable for 2018. Ratepayers in County Kilkenny can calculate their estimated rates liability for 2018 by using the indicative ARV set out above.

The ARV is determined by Kilkenny County Council as part of the budgetary process each year.

The Indicative ARV for County Kilkenny for 2018 is 0.21

To calculate the indicative commercial rates liability for 2018 please multiply the “Proposed Valuation” (Net Annual Value), as advised by the Valuation Office, by 0.21

Example 1

Peter O Brien (fictional business) - Proposed Valuation as advised = €15,800
Estimated Rates Liability for 2018 = €15,800 * 0.21 = €3,3318

Example 2

Mary Murphy (fictional business) - Proposed Valuation as advised = €25,000
Estimated Rates Liability for 2018 = €25,000 * 0.21 = €5,250

Alternatively an estimate of your rates liability for 2018 can be computed using the calculator at the bottom of this page and inputting the valuation set out in the Proposed Valuation Certificate to calculate next year's indicative rate and also by inputting your rate bill for 2017 you will be able to calculate any difference in amounts payable.

It should be noted that the Annual Rate on Valuation is indicative only. It is based on the total value of proposed valuations for Kilkenny as calculated and advised by the Valuation Office and may be subject to change, at the conclusion of the revaluation process and at the Council’s budget meeting for 2018 scheduled for November this year


Making Representations

Ratepayers who are satisfied with their proposed valuation do not have to respond to the Valuation Office.

Ratepayers who are dissatisfied with any material aspect of the Proposed Valuation Certificate may make representations to the valuation manager within a period of 40 days from the date of issue of the Certificate. In the case of those issued on 11th May, this is up to and including 19th June 2017. Final Valuation Certificates will be issued in September 2017 and will take effect from January 2018.

The Valuation Office website, www.valoff.ie, sets out detailed information about the revaluation and the representations process. The Valuation Office also has a dedicated Customer Support Team to deal with revaluation queries who can be contacted by by Email to ckReval2017@valoff.ie or by phone at 01 8171199 between 9:30am and 5:30pm from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

It is important to have your Property Number and Pin Number, provided on the Proposed Valuation Certificate, available for all online queries.


Walk-in Clinics

Valuation office staff will be present to answer queries relating to the recent issue of Proposed Valuation Certificates for Reval 2017. They will explain the revaluation process and offer guidance on making representations. No appointment is necessary.

Details of dates, locations and times as follows;

Monday 22nd May and Tuesday 23rd May.

Springhill Court Hotel, Waterford Road, Kilkenny

Wednesday 24th May.

Kilkenny County Council Area Office, Ferrybank Shopping Centre, Ferrybank.

Tuesday 30th May.

Butler House, Patrick Street, Kilkenny

Thursday 1st June.

Kilkenny County Council Area Office, Kilkenny Street, Castlecomer.


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